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For a life worth living

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How your business can help

Dementia is a societal issue and the prevalence of the condition in people of working age is officially over 42,000 in the UK, but according to the World Health Organisation it could be three times higher than this.

We are seeking corporate partners to help fund imaginative ways to enable people with young dementia to live as independently as possible, even when they can no longer live in their own home. But it’s not just sponsorship we’re after….

We believe people with young dementia who can no longer live at home should still have the chance to take part in sports and social activities, they may wish to volunteer, take part in community initiatives, or share their skills and talents with others. By working with businesses that have a social conscience we hope to achieve these opportunities.

Your particular business might also be able to help us fulfil our aim to meet the needs of the whole family, providing respite, relaxation, as well as much needed fun for carers and children affected by the condition.

Our new home will be a beacon scheme for dementia care, likely to attract interest from around the world. If your company or staff wish to play a part in this exciting venture please contact to discuss how we could work together.