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For a life worth living

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Our care services

The care services provided will be tailored to meet each resident’s needs, with a focus on supporting people to live as independently as possible.

Our referrals team, made up of the home manager, social services and an NHS representative, will assess all new applicants and decide how best to support people in the home.

When they move into the home residents will be assigned a member of staff (possibly called an ‘enabler’) who will help them develop a care plan which meets their health and wellbeing needs: for some that might mean help organising their diary; for others, it might involve more practical help with personal care.

Our ‘enablers’ will support residents to live as ‘normal’ a life as possible, which could include helping them to volunteer in the community, going to the local gym, or attending a local club that reflects their interests. They will know and understand each resident without preconceived ideas of the condition they have, and with the flexibility to change their support to suit their particular situation.

We are keen to involve people with young dementia and their care-givers in the development of the care package.

If you’d like to be involved in one of the focus groups please contact us via