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For a life worth living

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How our charity is run 

YoungDementia UK Homes (YDUK Homes) has a Board of Trustees which oversees the strategic direction of the charity and manages its finances. The Trustees’ skills and experience span the health, care and financial sectors. The board meets every 6 to 8 weeks.

YoungDementia UK (YDUK) can nominate three trustees to the YDUK Homes board; currently two of the YDUK Homes’ Trustees also sit on the board of YDUK, providing valuable insights into the needs of people with young onset dementia.

YDUK Homes employs a Director, Jane Norman, who is responsible for developing the planned new supported living facility, including attracting the necessary funds and consulting with people with young onset dementia and their families.

The Director of YDUK, Tessa Gutteridge, meets regularly with the Director of YDUK Homes to share insights and promote joint working.